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That pebble in your shoe ...

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Have you ever been walking and had a pebble in your shoe or some other tiny annoyance that you simply ignored or let it remain there without removing it?

That’s what ignoring your inner awareness is like.

You keep walking, knowing you need to stop and give attention to the problem, but you don’t, so you have two voices dialoguing in your head. 

We dive deep into the meaning of the word 'confusion' and we share 5 steps to moving from confusion to clarity.

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Influencing the Outcome Strategies

Missed out on April's live webinar?  Good news:  you can watch the [replay] - book your seat below!

In this webinar, I will answer a couple of questions such as: 

  • What should you do if you don’t succeed straight away?

  • Where should your focus be?

  • What’s one way you could begin to build the relationship?

  • etc. 

More importantly, I will share 10 ways to secure your next business relationship!

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“We are never going to hit a target that we don’t have.” Roddy Galbraith

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Herewith are just a few key points we are going to cover in this webinar:

  • Challenge the Illusion of Choice.
  • Choose a goal worthy of pursuit.
  • The idea of having a “life purpose” can be enabling or distressing.
  • Go out and make a mess! Don’t worry about getting it wrong, course correct along the way


It’s not what we can do but what we will do that counts.

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In this webinar we will cover how to effectively shift your awareness from risk to potential.

• Your ability to make a decision will shift from choosing between your best options and deciding whether or not to take a RISK.
• One of the biggest problems we all face is a lack of awareness.
• There can be no such thing as risk in your life if you operate from an awareness of your true perfection and connection to God and believe you are in possession of all the resources needed to get your wants and needs met.

Reframing the idea that it has to be difficult or uncomfortable to acquire a new behaviour.

20 August 2021 @ 03:00 PM SAST / 09:00 AM ET

The 3 attitudes that will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

We will explore the 3 phases of exploring a new behaviour as it becomes an automatic part of your behavioural repertoire.

Discover the attitudes that accompany each of the 3 phases, making it easier ‘to get over the humps’ to successful integration of a new way of being.

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“When we create a space where we are not at the mercy of our emotions we can think clearly.” Roddy Galbraith

08 October 2021 @ 03:00 PM SAST / 09:00 AM ET

In this free webinar, I teach the 5 Mistakes in Goal Setting, 6 Intellectual Faculties, and 7 Laws.

When thinking of your goals, you should never question whether you are worthy of the goals. The real question is “are your goals worthy of you?” If yes, use your imagination and intuition to create your future.

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There is no growth in the comfort zone

10 December 2021 @ 03:00 PM SAST / 08:00 AM ET

Fear is an emotion experienced by everyone. Ride The Fear To The Life Of Your Dreams unpacks the body’s complex Fear Response in easy to understand terms coupled with strategies to create new emotional memories to not only change the way one feels but also provide insight on how to begin the process to rewire one’s own brain circuitry.

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