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How self-aware are you?

Just like myself, I am sure that you - as a leader, also strive to be effective in all your engagements with your team. We all want to be seen as an effective leader but most of all we want to see results from our leadership.

Numerous elements contribute to our effectiveness - but one of our crucial tools in our leadership toolbox is self-awareness. The role that self-awareness plays in effective leadership cannot be overemphasized. Numerous authors have commented on the growth that occurs when a leader endeavors to actively become more aware of their effect on others as well as their reaction to others. 

As a Tall Trees facilitator I am often privilege to be part of that A-HA moment that comes when leaders become more self-aware. I would like to share a recent event that really touched me and reminded me again that each leader journeys at their own pace.

A young aspiring CA trainee recently completed a Tall Trees leadership profile for a course that he attended with me - and upon attending another workshop relating to the first, he opted to do another Tall Trees leadership report. This was done within a window of three months. He was quite shocked and understandably confused when he received two very diverse sets of results. 

We always prep delegates that a personality profile could vary slightly over time as we all develop during our journey and therefore slight changes in the profile could be observed. This delegate's report was however extremely different and it is very rare to find such significant shifts in such a short period of time.

When he informed me of his reports and I drew his raw data reports - ie. the answers to the questions that he gave to the original online quizz completed. When comparing his two sets of answers I found contradicting answers. The answers were of such a nature that it was impossible for one person to have changed so significantly in such a short period of time.

Examples that I found were:

  • I stress extremely VS I thrive under pressure
  • I am impartial VS I am decisive and firm 
  • I am very perfectionist VS I don’t get upset about small things

 I contacted the delegate and we discussed the contradicting answers. I realised that the delegate himself was not sure of what the accurate choice is as it relates to him. He could not accurately describe himself. I gave him some homework to discuss his results with a close and trusted friend in order for him to find out how others sees him. 

This exercise then helped him to become more self-aware and he had amazing insights into his experience with fellow team members on a daily basis. He realised for the first time how others perceive him and thus better understood their reactions to him/ his conduct. 

These discoveries are like a treasure box that is opened and I revel in these marvelous moments that I experience as holy ground! 

Please contact me if you are interested in increasing your self awareness through our Tall Trees leadership development tool. 

Photo by Kelly Smith on Reshot


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