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Rising to the challenge of responsible business leadership

I am a Professional.

My purpose, my existence as a professional lies in the mandate to protect - proudly received from the public. My social standing is as a result of this grave responsibility and my obligation to serve I proudly fulfill in response to this trust that I enjoy.

I am a Professional.

I choose to sacrifice my self-interest so that the public's interest can be protected. I choose to stand up and be worthy of this status donned on me by society. I choose to consider the impact of all my actions on the greater society. I choose to be aware of how my actions and decisions will affect others.

I am a Professional.

I realise that I possess over a vast array of skills - not accessible nor understood by the majority of the public. This monopoly I will employ to serve other - therefore with integrity I will guard this monopoly I enjoy.

Have you ever thought about this title that you carry? This title that determines your pay-grade and elevates your CV above others?

Have you ever considered the rights and obligations that are implied by this title? Have you ever considered what gives this title sustenance and in so doing considered what is required to keep it relevant in the society we serve?

Do you realise that your association with a Profession calls on you to SERVE? The accounting profession has fairly recently been recognised as a formal profession. As a profession only a century old - we are considered young -  and we ought to carefully protect this status. Since our acceptance as a profession we have been plagued with numerous financial scandals and as a result our right to self-regulate has been reduced by the external regulation of our profession that are increasing at a rapid pace. 

If we don't understand what gives us our status - we will be unable to protect our status. If we are not able to define the reason for our existence - we will be unable to ensure our future sustainability.

Written by: Mandie Wentzel




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